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Big Blue Moma baskets are gorgeous hand woven baskets. Each one is hand dyed, and completely unique! They are perfect for your knitting & crochet projects, for errands around town, or just for using around the house.

They are purchased directly from the makers, from ethical collectives originating in Ghana, and pay their makers a fair wage.

 From the Big Blue Moma website:
"As conscious business partners, we deal directly with the basket weavers. Artisans are paid fair market prices for their products to ensure they earn a living wage for their talents and time. This has had a positive impact not just on the craftspeople, but on the entire community, allowing it to sustain its traditions while creating new sources of economic growth."

Approximate measurements of baskets are marked on each picture. Yarn is placed in the picture for size reference.


Baskets may come a little bit squished. A simple re-shaping is all they need! Just give your basket a quick rinse in the shower to get them wet, then you can shape them easily. Please be aware that the colour will bleed when wet, so take extra care when washing and drying!

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