Dye-At-Home Supply Kits

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Dyeing yarn is so much fun - but can be totally intimidating at first! If you have ever wanted to try dyeing your own skeins, but were overwhelmed with trying to figure out what you needed to start, or where to get it, we've gone ahead and done that for you!

We have assembled a kit of the basics that you will need to create gorgeous yarn at home. Each kit includes:
• 4 acid dyes (red, yellow, blue, black)
• citric acid
• latex-free gloves
• items for measuring & stirring
• OPTIONAL: 4 skeins of yarn

With the 4 dyes we've included, you can mix up your own colour combinations using basic colour theory (ex: red + blue = purple) for endless creating! We have also included resources for helpful tutorials, where to buy dye powder & bare yarn.

**PLEASE NOTE: This is supply kit, NOT a comprehensive dye class. It does not include lessons on how to dye yarn.

** When working with acid dyes, ALWAYS wear a respirator to protect your lungs. Keep your citric acid & dyes sealed and out of reach of children, pets & away from food. If dyeing in your kitchen, cover surfaces with plastic and remember that any items used for dyeing will no longer be food safe, and cannot be used in the kitchen again.


Available yarn bases:

Light Sock
• 85% superwash merino / 15% nylon
• 100 g per skein / 437 yds (400 m)

Comfort Sport
• 85% superwash merino / 15% nylon
• 100 g per skein / 246 yds (225 m)

Hearty Worsted
• 100% superwash merino wool
• 100 g per skein / 181 yds (166 m)

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