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Rustic Twist is the newest yarn in our line-up, and something quite a bit different than our usual offerings!

This 3 ply DK / Light Worsted weight yarn twists 2 plies of untreated merino together with 1 ply of superwash merino for a wonderfully plump & slightly rustic yarn. It is still next-to-skin soft, but maintains the properties that make untreated wool so special.

We love that the untreated wool takes dye less vibrantly than the superwash, giving the yarn a subtle barber-pole / marled effect to it. It will make a unique addition to your stash & wardrobe... whether you use it for toasty garments, winter woolies to keep you warm outside, or into pillows, slippers, or blankets to cozy up your home.

Rustic Twist is available in the following colours:
Vanilla (natural cream)
Pocket Watch (pewter grey)
Steam Trunk (olive grey)
Brass Key (brassy gold)
Boarding Pass (brick red)
Passport (grey blue)

• 66% untreated merino (2 plies) / 33% superwash merino (1 ply)
• 100 g per skein / 246 yds (225 m)


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