Ordering Discontinued Colours

We understand that playing yarn chicken (aka running out of yarn before the end of your project) is super stressful. Especially when you are using a colour that we have discontinued.

If you absolutely NEED a skein of a colour that you are using to finish a project, we *may* be able to dye it for you. Please just send us an email, and we can go from there.

Please note that not all discontinued colours can be dyed for a variety of reasons (ex: dye powder needed is no longer available). If we can dye it, there will a surcharge of $5.00 per skein. This charge is necessary to cover the time & expense of re-making dye stocks that can't be used for others, recalculating recipes, etc.

If the colour can be dyed and you would like to go ahead with an order, we will send you an invoice directly to your email.

** Be aware that dyes change over time, and new skeins have a high chance of being quite different than the skeins you have.