Are You a Kindred Spirit?

Posted by Tara Schreyer on

Raise your hand if you grew up with the characters of Anne of Green Gables... and the other hand if you felt like they could be your personal friends!

Growing up, we had the book series (as did most other girls our ages), and it seems like a rite-of-passage to have read these. There's just something about these books that are SO relateable - even over 100 years later. Sure, the language has changed (reading it to our girls is a struggle sometimes!), but the overall feel of the books is so warm & comforting, and we just can't help fall in love with the entire cast of characters & all of Avonlea!

When we first started dyeing, Jaedyn dyed a test skein of 'Anne With an E', and we (and our followers) LOVED it! It became one of our most popular colours, and it was hard to keep it in stock. Doing a series of characters was on the agenda, and the characters had to be developed one at a time. We wanted them to be "recognizable" and feel like the character - which doing on yarn with just colour is no small task!

Jaedyn took on the task with gusto, and soon we had 5 more of our favourite characters, along with coordinating tonals to go with each. We snuck them out as a sock club and then launched the entire set in the fall of 2018 at Knit City Vancouver, where they were a huge success! It was amazing to hear stories from people who had wonderful memories of the books too!

Our Kindred Spirits sets are still one of our best-sellers, and still our own favourite collection in our shop! We hope that you love them as much as we do, and that there is one that speaks to your inner Kindred Spirit!

Find the whole Collection here.

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